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Stephanie A. Montgomery, Esq.
  Family Law to include contested & uncontested divorces
  Custody & Visitation
  Child Support
  Spousal Support
  Premarital Agreements
  Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
  Legal Resources Plan Attorney

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phone: 757-229-8284

Patrick Kelley, Esq.
  Personal Injury
  Criminal Law

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phone: 757-229-8284

Bill "Tex" McKinnon, Esq.
  Closely-Held Business
  Family Law
    Custody, Visitation, & Support
  Estate Palnning
  Wills, Trusts, Estates, & Settlement

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phone: 757-229-8284

J. Vance Stallings, Esq.
  Real Estate Law & Strategies
  Business Law Transactions & Litigation
  Family Law
  Estate Planning & Probate
  Civil Litigation
  Juvenile & Criminal Law
  General Counsel

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phone: 757-229-8284

Keidra Frazier
  Paralegal for Stephanie Montgomery, Esq.

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phone: 757-229-8284

Jessi Scales
  Paralegal for Patrick Kelley, Esq. & Bill McKinnon, Esq.

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phone: 757-229-8284

Brittany Currie
  Administrative Assistant

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phone: 757-229-8284

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