Do I Need a Defense Attorney?

Defense Attorney in New Kent, Virginia

Pat Kelley of Montgomery, Kelley, & Dennett has is a defense attorney who has practiced criminal law since his graduation from law school in 1983.  He has been a prosecutor, having served as a Deputy/Assistant Commonwealth Attorney in Williamsburg/James City County and New Kent, and has extensive experience as a defense attorney.  He has handled cases ranging from simple trespassing offenses to the most serious charges, such as capital murder.

Why Hire A Defense Attorney?

If you are facing criminal charges or are being investigated for a crime, it is important to hire a defense attorney to protect your rights and represent you in court. A good defense attorney can help you navigate the criminal justice system, advise you on the strength of the case against you, negotiate with prosecutors on your behalf, and defend you in court.

There are many potential benefits to hiring a defense attorney, including:

  1. Expertise in the law: A defense attorney has specialized knowledge and training in criminal law and procedure and can use this expertise to build a strong defense on your behalf.
  2. Objectivity: It can be difficult to remain objective when you are facing criminal charges. A defense attorney can provide an objective perspective and help you make decisions that are in your best interests.
  3. Negotiation skills: A defense attorney can negotiate with prosecutors to try to reach a plea bargain or other favorable resolution of your case.
  4. Courtroom experience: A defense attorney has experience advocating for clients in court and can use this experience to effectively present your case to a judge or jury.

Overall, hiring a defense attorney can give you the best chance of achieving a favorable outcome in your case.

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