Virginia Driver’s License Points System Explained

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The Virginia driver’s license points system works a little differently than other states. Every driver begins with a 0-point balance. You receive an additional point for each year that you drive without being convicted of a moving violation. These points can continue to accrue until you reach a total of +5. If you have been charged with a traffic violation, then contact a traffic attorney today.

Each basic violation for which you are found guilty will subtract 2 points from your total. A basic speeding ticket, defined by driving between 10 and 19 mph above the posted limit, will subtract 4 points from your total. Any form of reckless driving carries a 6-point penalty.

If you reach 12 points you will face a 6-month probationary period, among other penalties. At that time, you will be given the option to take a driver improvement course to add points back to your license. Additionally, once every two years you are eligible to take a similar course to add 5 points to your total.

Additional Penalties

Individual courts, judges, and jurisdictions have a lot of flexibility in determining the penalties you may face. A first-time speeding ticket could carry some serious costs and points added to your license depending on the circumstances in which you received it.

The following circumstances can carry additional penalties:

  • Speeding 20 m.p.h. or more over the speed limit will carry an automatic reckless driving charge
  • Driving 80 m.p.h. or faster in any zone will result in a reckless driving charge
  • You may be fined up to $30 for driving slower than the posted speed limit

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