Divorce Rates Across Virginia’s Cities

Which Cities in Virginia Have High Divorce Rates?

There are many reasons a couple might seek a divorce and combinations of these reasons may lead to a difficult period in both their lives. Do yourself and the other party a favor and hire a divorce attorney from Montgomery Kelly & Dennett to make this a clean break.

Negative Factors That Affect Divorce Rate

There are regions in Virginia which house certain risk factors such as poor economic opportunities, leading to a higher risk for having financial issues, which in turn will add stress on a marriage. Financial troubles are one of the most common reasons for a divorce.

Data taken from the 2014-2018 Community Survey, shows Virginia has a 5% divorce rate. This is pretty good news for prospective life partners as the national average is just under 11%.

In Virginia, the cities with the highest rate of divorce are:

  • Emporia with a divorce rate of 11%
  • Vinton with a divorce rate of 10%
  • Marion with a divorce rate of 12%
  • Buena Vista with a divorce rate of 10%
  • Pulaski with a divorce rate of 10%
  • Danville with a divorce rate of 10%
  • Abingdon with a divorce rate of 9%
  • Front Royal with a divorce rate of 9%
  • Franklin with a divorce rate of 9%
  • Woodstock with a divorce rate of 9%

As mentioned above, the location where you live combined with stressors may play a part in the demise of your marriage. In additional factors to financial concerns are age and education. Divorce is not easy, It’s expensive, mentally exhausting, and highly stressful. Many people have found themselves in the same situation and a divorce attorney from Montgomery, Kelley, & Dennett have helped them thru this difficult process.

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