How Judge’s Decide Child Custody Cases

Make the Best Impression on the Judge

Divorcing parents in Yorktown Virginia can create a parenting plan that outlines how time, and responsibilities regarding, children will be shared between them. It can be very beneficial to work with the other parent and a child custody attorney to create a parenting plan outside of the courtroom. This gives parents autonomy to develop a plan for time sharing that works best for them, is best for the child, and reduces the costs of going to court. Taking this initiative will also look good for the Judge presiding over your case, demonstrating that the separation is amicable and that you are able to work well with the other parent.

A Judge Will Put the Best Interests of the Child First

In Virginia a court will make their custody decision based on the best interests of the child. A court can award custody to either parent, they may award joint or sole physical or legal custody and may also recognize the visitation rights of any grandparents. To determine the best interests of a child custody case in Virginia, the court will consider these factors:

• Age, mentality, and physical condition of the child
• Ages, mentality, physical conditions and abilities of each parent
• Examining the relationship that exists between each parent and the child
• The needs of the child
• How each parent has cared for the child up until this point
• Each parent’s willingness to promote a loving relationship between the child and the other parent

To ensure a smooth judicial process and a favorable outcome parents need to be willing to compromise and keep an open mind. Spend as much time as possible with your child, ask teachers or neighbors to provide statements regarding your loving relationship with your child. Learn more about Virginia family law and hire an experienced child custody attorney to represent you in court.

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