How To File for Divorce in Virginia

Divorce Process In Virginia

Virginia is for lovers but sometimes even lovers who have gotten married can grow apart and need to move on. A divorce attorney can help you navigate Virginia’s complicated divorce laws and understand them. Problems are compounded when dealing with the stress of ending a relationship and especially when children are involved. Contact a divorce attorney from Montgomery, Kelley, & Dennett in James City County today to get the representation you deserve. Our divorce attorneys will tell you all about Virginia divorce laws and how to file for divorce, answering your questions about the process and different types of divorce.

What Are the Different Kinds of Divorce in Virginia?

The state of Virginia recognizes two types of divorce. The most known is the “divorce from the bonds of matrimony,” this type of divorce ends a marriage.

The other type of divorce in Virginia is “divorce from bed and board.” This is a legal separation that functions like a divorce in many ways, including dealing with all the issues of property division, custody and support. The difference is that the couple remains legally married to one another and cannot marry anyone else.

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