Why Do Couples Get Divorced?

Divorce Attorney in Williamsburg, Virginia

Staying with one person through thick and thin and handling life’s challenges together as a team takes work. A divorce attorney from Montgomery, Kelley, & Dennett understand there are many number of factors and reasons that can divide a couple. In the state of Virginia, there is no shortage of people who have chosen to separate and divorce; there are approximately 336,550 of them. Across the country, there are 28,339,199 Americans divorced so far in 2020 and we are only three months into the year.

What are the Most Common Reasons for Divorce?

No single situation or relationship is the same. The circumstances and details of each couple’s decision to split can be straightforward to highly complex. No one goes into a marriage thinking that the marriage is not going to last, and it can be an emotional, stressful, and scary thing when you are looking at a marriage that is over. These are some of the most common reasons behind a dissolved marriage:

  • Infidelity (the #1 cause of divorce)
  • Financial strain
  • Poor communication
  • Constant arguing
  • Unrealistic expectations of what you want from your spouse and how you want them to be which may not be true to life
  • Limited intimacy
  • Inequality in power, responsibilities, affection
  • Physical and/or emotional abuse
  • Addiction issues
  • Different parenting styles and methods
  • Lying
  • Losing your self-identity
  • Controlling partners
  • Emotional instability, jealousy, poor self-esteem, unhealthy codependency
  • Ongoing conflict that is never resolved

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