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The Story of Divorce Attorneys     

Divorce Attorney

Divorce Laws in Williamsburg, Virginia The history of divorce attorneys can be traced back to the early 19th century in the United States, when divorce laws began to change and divorce became more common. Prior to the 19th century, divorce was rare and difficult to obtain. In most cases, it required an act of the… Read more »

Personal Injury Attorney Williamsburg

Personal Injury Attorney

Why Choose Montgomery, Kelley, & Dennett The legal process can be complex and confusing, especially when you are already dealing with an injury. A personal injury attorney can provide guidance and representation to help the individual navigate the legal system and get the best possible outcome. Pat Kelley of Montgomery, Kelley, & Dennett Williamsburg Virginia… Read more »

How Should I Handle My Traffic Violation?

DUI Attorney

Hire A Traffic Attorney Traffic attorney Pat Kelley has been trying traffic cases since he joined the Williamsburg Commonwealth’s Attorney office in 1989. His experience as a prosecutor and as a traffic attorney allows him to objectively analyze the facts and determine the best course of action to take in representing his client. Pat Kelley is a… Read more »

Types of Supervised Visitation Orders

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Supervised Visits After a hearing with a child custody attorney if a judge believes that a child’s mental, physical, or emotional health are at risk of harm by spending time alone with a parent, it may order supervised visitation. While supervised visitation isn’t ideal, it may be the only way for some parents to get… Read more »

Have You Been Injured In an Accident?

Personal Injury Attorney

Do I Need To File A Personal Injury Lawsuit? You may be wondering if you need to hire a personal injury attorney to help you file a personal injury lawsuit or whether you can settle your claim with the insurance company. The answer to this question depends on several factors, including the severity of your… Read more »

Why Do Couples Get Divorced?

Divorce Attorney

Divorce Attorney in Williamsburg, Virginia Staying with one person through thick and thin and handling life’s challenges together as a team takes work. A divorce attorney from Montgomery, Kelley, & Dennett understand there are many number of factors and reasons that can divide a couple. In the state of Virginia, there is no shortage of… Read more »

Do You Need a Divorce Attorney?

Divorce Attorney

Reasons to Consider Hiring a Divorce Attorney Going through a divorce is not easy. It is expensive, mentally exhausting, and highly stressful. It is likely that you did not plan on divorce or ever believe that divorce was in the cards for you, but whether you want it or not, it is your new reality…. Read more »

Things to Know About Your Personal Injury Case

Personal Injury Attorney

Are You Currently Suffering From a Personal Injury? If you plan to pursue a personal injury claim, you’ll likely want to know what types of damages you may be able to recover. Contact a personal injury attorney from Montgomery Kelley & Dennett in Williamsburg Virginia today if you have been injured in an accident. What Is A… Read more »

Experience and Aggressive DUI Attorney

Dui Attorney

DUI Attorney Williamsburg Pat Kelley has been a DUI attorney since he joined the Williamsburg/James City County Commonwealth’s Attorney office in 1989. He has been representing clients who have been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. He understands that for many of his clients, facing a DUI charge is the most significant legal… Read more »

Why Should I Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

Personal Injury Attorney

How A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You There are many reasons why someone might seek out a personal injury attorney. Some common reasons include: Get compensation for your Injuries: If you’ve been injured in an accident that was not your fault, you may be entitled to financial compensation to cover medical expenses, lost wages,… Read more »